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Argonath RPG was created on July 11, 2006 based on our experiences with MTA:VC. After writing our own script based on a mix of public domain and our own ideas, we opened doors on July 28, 2006. The name has been chosen by seeking a combination of the founders RON and Agent. After choosing the name, the founders and developers chose to use nicknames from Lord Of The Rings. Argonath was founded because the founders could no longer find themselves agreeing with the happenings on another community, so they decided to create their own community which thrived to success because of the open natured, strong admin team.

The first server opened was for MTA:VC; scripts were made by Gandalf based on public source scripts released by Jax and Oli. Apart from the RPG server, a stunt server was opened as well, with minimal scripts. Despite multiple attacks and attempts to bring down the server community, (often thought to be originating from the previous community), Argonath RPG grew rapidly and soon became the most popular RPG server on MTA:VC.

Initially we had to survive several attacks on our server from other communities, however what they did not count on was that the owners were not kids but IT professionals, meaning we increased our security and stability with every attack.

Over time, the community grew, and more servers were opened to support many other multiplayer clients for games in the Grand Theft Auto series, as well as TeamSpeak and even other games.


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